Reaching Out

June 19, 2008

One of our main goals in the Symposium group is to reach out to the city by beautifying, and illuminating things to glorify God.
So today I (Abby) got an opportunity to volunteer at World Relief, a center to help refugees settle in Minnesota. I filed papers and searched for files to help organize their records and such. Most of the refugee files we were working on were from Somalia. It helped their organization have less things on their “to do” list so they can focus more on helping the refugees then filing papers. It was a good way to help beautify their organization.
I was also able to serve ice cream to nearly 500 people from teen challenge! (with the help of a mission to the city team) That was fun, and it probably was for the people, but after eating ice cream we had an amazing worship service with teen challenge. Everyone there Shouted and Sang and Clapped with all their strength to God! And i love hearing music, so i was just filled with joy while we sang. It was the most powerful service i have ever been in! After the singing a few people from teen challenge got up and shared their testimony. You become amazed at what God has done, and you realize his loving redemption when he takes drug addicts, robbers, and prisoners, and then makes them his beloved child! God is so good! So I wanted to share this with you to show that God has already started working in a powerful way, and he’ll use us to spread his word or be his “salt”.

Pictures to show what we did