Mary and Martha

June 28, 2008

Read it in Luke 10:38-42to hear Mary and Martha’s story . After you read it you saw that Martha was overwhelmed and filled with anxiety because there was suppost to be a feast at her house. That anxiety made her lash out at Jesus, and become angry with Mary. All Martha needed to do was listen to Jesus’ words instead of work. It’s important that we arent just focusing on serving Jesus the way we think we should, because if we aren’t doing what God wants we are sinning, and its easy to sin the way Martha does, by just doing things our way and not listening to God. We should act like Mary who humbly sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to him, instead of fretting, and ignoring Jesus.

The book A young woman after God’s own heart asks

questions based on their story, to think about, here they are:

“Am i busily “serving” Jesus or sitting at his feet? am I lashing
out at others or am i listening to my Savior? Am i worrying about
life or am i worshiping the Lord?Am i restless or am i resting in
God.? Think of changes you can make, so you can develop a heart
devoted to God.



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