June 25, 2008

Alright, girls. (This is mostly aimed at the writers of this blog.) Here is my proposition: we should each post about a certain theological/Biblical/spiritual topic. Any ideas as to what? Post your ideas as comments to this post, and check each others’ comments, even if you don’t have any.



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  1. Madeline Says:

    one idea– we could discuss the topic of personal devotions, and share ideas with each other for enriching our personal times in God’s Word and in His Presence (out time alone with God).
    and– two more: we could talk about books, like what kinds of books we read, what books have impacted us most, recommended books (ooh and songs, too!) and the second: we could each post something we have written personally, like a reflection about something, or about God. (I don’t know if anyone besides me has any of those, but just an idea!)
    love you guys!

  2. Abby Says:

    I agree i like writing about biblical things, and im reading the Bible in 90 days, so occasionally i could write a devotion, or something i learned. And songs are a great idea, i made a small list of songs that show what we stand for, or are good worship songs. I started reading the Do Hard things book, and i didnt realize how gifted the guys were at reading, writing, and speaking. It inspires 🙂 i wanted to see if we could make a playlist on our blog, becase i saw another blog that had it, and i have no idea how they got it on their blog. but i think we should use Maddy’s idea of more devotions, biblical theological spiritual topics etc.

  3. Anna Carlson Says:

    o– and like for church this past sunday i was actually planning to write about the songs- they connected a lot with the group— and i was gonna write about thoughts i had for them and stuff

  4. Madeline Says:

    yeah i had thought about the playlist idea too. i think that would be cool.

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