June 18, 2008

We decided to do a blog. We rushed off and jumped on the computer and made it. But my conscience whispered to me that something was not right. I knew I had to pray. My friends left, and I went out to the (physical) Symposium and prayed. I just poured out my heart to God. Then I wrote down what I could remember of what I had said.

“We want to do Your will.
We want You to be our only Leader.
We want You to be our Focus.
We want Your glory to be our passion,
Your power our driving force,
Your love our strength,
Your Name our battle cry,
Your beauty our joy,
Your mercy our stronghold,
Your light, our light.”

This is our cry, Lord. We want to be instruments in your hands. Let us not lean on our own understandings, but trust in You with all of our hearts, and acknowledge you in all our ways. If we stray from your will, Lord, please show us. We want to do your will. Please help us.

That had been our problem in making the blog. We had not acknowledged God. So as I prayed out in the Symposium, I asked if this blog was His will. I asked that He would help me listen to Him, and that I would not be swayed by my own wishes. I believe it is His will. This blog will be a place where we can share the things God is showing us, articulate thoughts, encourage one another, and be reminded of Scriptures. Praise God!

May the words we type and the thoughts we share be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, our Rock, and our Redeemer. And if at any time we need to end the blog, we are willing to do so. I ask your blessing on this blog, and dedicate it to your glory. In Christ Jesus’ all-powerful Name I pray, Amen!



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